Customised solutions and designs for different industries

Industries that we serve

Other industries’ cable assemblies

We serve a wide range of industries, from automotive and television to energy, thanks to the versatility of our product line. We are able to adapt and tailor goods as necessary to meet industry-specific requirements thanks to our extensive industry knowledge and design expertise.

Cable assemblies for telecommunications

Despite increasing consumer demand for wireless technology, the telecommunications industry is still very much “wired,” we can produce the cable assemblies and connectors you need. Whether you need overmolds for USBs or a cable assembly with 10 conductors, a coaxial cable and a polyurethane jacket, our design team will make sure you get the cable assembly you need.

Cable assemblies for the medical industry

We manufactures custom cable assemblies for medical devices. Whether you need biosensitive connectors, or cable grommets for your medical applications, we have the experience, tooling, and full range of process capabilities to produce the cable assemblies you need.

Cable assemblies for industrial control systems

Need power and signal conductors in a single cable? We can do this and more for your industrial control needs. We have tooling to create strain reliefs, cable stops and overmolded connectors that ensure a hermetic seal. Whatever your requirements, we can help you develop an appropriate cable assembly!